Structural Demolition

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From residential apartment buildings to major industrial structures, Titan Demolition is qualified and ready to tackle your needs. We provide complete structure removal, leaving the property clean and prepared as per specifications. In order to meet your waste reduction goals, material is separated onsite during the demolition process so that the highest levels of recycled content are achieved. We can also provide complete reporting on the building components and registered end users as required. Our separation and documentation ensure you meet your LEEDS targets.

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Structural demolition services

Contained structural demolition is often required for building modifications, expansion, or renovation. Whether the building continues to be in use, or is vacated, Titan Demolition can create a plan to meet your needs. Total building demolition, building separations, selective structural removal in preparation for repairs or additions are all part of the scope of our structural demolition services. Titan will prepare the site for future construction requirements.

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